Standard Web Site Design

This covers new sites with 5+ pages, site maintenance and upgrades

Price: Our hourly rate is $50 plus GST.

  • Consultation: we will discuss all aspects of your site with you, to make sure you are getting a website you’ll be happy with. You might have corporate colours, standards or rules, you might have a preferred look, there might be particular pages you want, buttons, banners etc.
  • Web Design Contract: all clients are expected to sign a web design contract to ensure all parties are in agreement with the terms and conditions of the project. A deposit is required for work to commence.
  • Photography of products, people and premises. If you don’t have images in a format we can use, we will come and take the necessary people and product pictures.
  • Domain Name Registration: if you don’t have a domain name, we will set one up for you ­ which can be .com,, or whatever is most appropriate and available.
  • Site Hosting: if you don't have hosting arranged, we will discuss your best options and set it up for you.
  • Design and create your website: once we’ve all agreed on what you want, we will create your site.
  • Let's see what you think of it so far: We will show you the site before it goes live, by putting it on our test server so that you can view your site from any computer. You can even ask contacts overseas to take a look at the draft site to get their input. This is a great way to make sure it works on all devices!
  • Make it Live. Once it has been signed off for publishing, we install it on your hosting server for the world to see.
  • Register with the major search engines. Now you want to sit back and wait for business to flood in! So we register the site with search engines locally and globally.

Price: Our hourly rate is $50 plus GST.  As a guesstimate, expect to pay $600-$3,000 for a website - this depends on number of pages, number of images, and any extra features you want included such as photo galleries or video clips.

Hosting and Domain Name

We partner with a number of hosting suppliers, so we can get the best deal for you. Your hosting fee is paid on a yearly basis direct to the hosting provider. We can also register domain names for you.


Much of your website may stay the same for a long period of time. However, some of it may change often. We can look after the maintenance of the site, changing it as often as required - daily, weekly, seasonally. You may even like to change the style every so often, just to keep it fresh. You might have seen a special effect on another website, and want similar on yours! If you have a current site which needs updating to be Responsive and look good on all devices, we can totally redesign the site but keep the current content or update it as you wish.